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5 Decor Trends for 2012

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Back to Black
Black and white is here to stay for 2011. Some may have thought that then recent decline in the look at weddings was an indication of the trends falling by the wayside but reality is it is BACK….  Not baroque. The focus is not so much on the black and white colour as it was in years past but more of the floral design which complements the design and colour scheme of the overall wedding. 

 With this trend – one can expect the use of black décor and not the floral motifs. The use of black candelabra, black glasses, black under plates  not all at one but highlights of black on the table are a definite “in”…. It’s all going BACK TO BLACK 

Shiny and Bright
Clean lines, shiny metals and super bright hues are another trend for 2012. It’s HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! But don’t mistake it for a soft look. It’s minimalistic, ultra modern and will need the right combination of aesthetics to get right. Curly candelabra won’t work here. 

Fun, laughter and novelty are the key to these weddings.  This colour trend works best in the summer months and is fun as you can mix almost any combination of colours to create a festival of eye catching ideas. Candy bars, photo booths and funcky décor all fit into this perfect.

However, make this them a little more serious with a dash of silver. But remember the key to this trend is the mix of colours so don’t be shy to mix bright hues of pink, orange and green …. Or purple, yellow and orange …. It may sound scare but gives you so much room to play with colour

A Royal Vintage Affair
Carrying on with the motif trend is that of the vintage look. Soft lace, laser cut invitations, and detailing on the décor is that of the vintage theme that has been all the rage since 2010. The twist for 2012 though is that it is combines with royal colours such as your …… blue and jewel tones of purple.

This is further combines with antique looking décor items such as old candlesticks, vintage china (if you can get your hands on it) and tiffany chairs and you have a regal looking wedding.

And to keep it uncomplicated and clean – white is the colour of choice to go with this theme. Plain white linen with no additional designs or distractions, add to the uniqueness of this look. The key to this look is the majestic charm of royalty so don’t distract from it by adding modern elements. Alos don’t be tempted to add crowns in your décor or printed stationery, the royal theme comes from the colours chosen and the prints used. Don’t be tempted to go over the top.

Go Bold with Gold
A colour which has not seen much screen time in the past decade is that of Gold. It has been a colour shunned to the corner and forgotten. However with the rival of gold in the fashion world, this colour seems to be makings its way back to centre stage. 

Gold comes in many shades but be careful with the use of gold though. Used correctly and you have a wedding which will ooze with charm – use it in the wrong way and you have something that will reflect a badly put together Christmas. The Gold you are looking to use in 2012 is that of OLD GOLD. Used with complimentary colours such as ivory, white and cream one achieves a look of subtleness and charm, used with jewel tones of blue, purple, red and greens a sense of extravagance will fill the room while when used with the autumn colours such as orange and brown  the room will glow with warmth. 

Rules when using gold are:
  • ·         Use in small quantities
  • ·         Use the same shade throughout
  • ·         Use bold warm colours as cooler pastel colours will not achieve the richness desired

Natural fibres, organic shapes, wood and flowers from the veld complete this look. With the trends today for everything and everyone to “go Green” and to always be aware of your carbon footprint, this trend is here to stay.  

This trend can be taken further than just the décor, organic food and wines are in high demand. A very quaint idea for guest favours which goes hand in hand with this trend is that of “plant a tree”. Guests get a seed or seedling to take home to plant and reduce their “carbon emissions”. On the flip side, guests are asked to donate money towards a tree planting effort instead of giving the bridal couple a wedding gift.
The down side to this trend is THINK before you ACT. It’s all good and well you use wooden log under plates BUT….. what tree had to be cut down to make those plates? Before you try save the world make sure you not destroying it in the process.

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