Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wedding Gown trends 2012

written by Lady Marmalaide

If your planning to get married in 2012 and you’re a stylish , fashion forward bride, but aren’t sure where to start ,this article is for you!

Lace has always been a favorite and thanks to Kate Middleton it’s in the fashion spotlight once again.
Classic and vintage looks can be reinvented with a twist for 2012  -like a lace one shoulder gown

Or even a detachable train -   you will then  have a mini for the reception!                                   


Expect luxurious textures like  soft tulle,  organza, lace, ruffles and lots and lots of layers                               

But then there is always something for the bride who doesn’t like over the top  -  satin is also back with rouge and a dash of bling on the dress – as they say less can also be more!!!


Most important find a dress that compliments the figure and suits your personality!!!

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