Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The importance of a good time schedule for the day

writted by Lucinda from Lucinda du Toit photography

Wedding photography is a specialised field.  A wedding photographer must possess the following attributes:
  • Understanding the emotional nature of the event and the couple’s excitement. Being sensitive to their emotions and being able to manage and capture it will result in an extraordinary wedding album.
  • A good measure of improvising skills and a good sense of anticipation (thinking ahead) that comes with experience, because each wedding is a unique version of a very well-known play. Although you have the broad outline, every wedding day unfolds with unique opportunities to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments.  If you miss it, it’s gone forever.
  • Knowledge and experience of all types of photography, because you have to capture motion, detail, products, people and a story in different light settings. Each poses its own unique challenges.
  • A good wedding photographer should be able to function very well under any kind of pressure – emotional pressure, time pressure, relational pressure, creative pressure – and the stress that comes with working in unknown territory.
A good wedding photographer is the one person who accompanies the bride every step of the way.  He/she must be aware of every emotion, every moment and every challenge.  Experience has taught me the importance of a well-planned time schedule for the day.
For most couples, their wedding day is a new experience, but the photographer is familiar with everything that it entails. That is why it is recommended that each couple consult with their wedding photographer when planning the time schedule.  Each photographer has his/her way of approaching the day and will be able to clearly communicate the time needed for everything in order to guarantee the best product. The secret of a well-planned time schedule is not just to ensure a good photographic memory of everything, but also to allocate enough time for each aspect so that a stressful rush and disappointment can be avoided.  Rushing causes nervousness, which results in a startled expression.  Not only will it spoil the flow of your day but also your memories of the day.
Most married couples usually say that their wedding day was over far too soon and that they didn’t have enough time to notice the detail and enjoy the smaller moments. This amazing event usually takes many months of planning.  A well-planned time schedule (in consultation with all your service providers involved on the day), will ensure that nobody needs to stress about running out of time or being rushed.  The ultimate aim is a relaxed, happy bride who knows that everything will happen as planned,  and that if the unexpected does occur, there will be enough time to sort it out – all thanks to a good wedding planner and/or photographer.