Friday, 11 May 2012

To Have & To Hold

With autumn in full swing and winter very much on its way – a very pretty (and practical) gift to give your guests is a wedding is a pashmina. They come is so many shades that you can easily find one to either match or compliment or chosen wedding colour.

There are so many ways you can present the pashminas to you guests. Your first option is to hang them over the back of the chairs either at your ceremony or your reception. This automatically brings colour in. if you don’t want to bring in that splash of colour, opt for white or cream pashminas.

Giving them as “gifts” all neatly wrapped up is another option - Whether it is tids with a ribbon or a personalised name band. Cute phrases can also be used such as “a warm thank you”.

Displaying them and creating a feature is another option – and there the ideas are endless. Taking the style and feel of your wedding into consideration you can opt for baskets, old suitcases, buckets, wooden crates……. The list is endless.

Pahminas are also a nice idea for bridesmaids. Let’s face it – winter dresses are not always fun and once the party gets going on the dance floor we all wish we didn’t have those long sleeves on. By using pashminas your bridesmaids can still have the fun summer dresses but just keep the chill off their shoulders when needed.  Once again the pashminas can be chosen to compliment the wedding colours.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Industrial Revolution >>>>

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a few weeks now – since March in fact and I finally have a weekend where I can sit down and get to it.

This is a trend that has not popped out of nowhere. It has slowly crept its way into the décor industry. While we all have been so focused on the vintage and shabby-chic look, this industrial chic look has come in through the back door - quietly making appearances and subtlety settling in our sub-consciousness. But one just has to look at the décor stores to see that this trend has now firmly planted its feet in the décor world. And in fact I am thrilled that it has. While Vintage and shabby-chic still make for beautiful wedding deco I think I can speak for all that this new spin on the look is a breath of fresh air…..

So how does one go” Industrial at a wedding” – it’s not that difficult. Think train station – think bakery – think of a design studio!!!  Think brinks, rusted metal, glass, stainless steel ….. think this……

Décor trends include the usage of work tables, design chairs and lots of metal. Rope is replacing ribbon and tin is replacing glass. But the look is not hard. The correct selection of flowers and stationery contrast and soften the harsh and course elements.

Photography is also going industrial – instead of gardens or open fields of lavender or bushveld, photographers are opting for locations with buildings, machinery or even an aeroplane or two. This feel is bringing a whole new spin to photography with off location shoots being quite popular. Also allowing for the photographer and the couple to play a bit and move away from the traditional wedding photos we have become accustomed to over the last few years.

There are a few venues as well which lend themselves to the industrial look.  The trend of barns and farm venues has moved over to make place for warehouses and modernised industrial buildings …. In fact a train wedding on Rovas Rail will even fit into this theme beautifully.

No matter how you look at it – the industrial revolution is here to stay. This is not to say they the trend of vintage and shabby chic is gone with the wind….. but it is a fact that brides are looking for something different – and this may be the answer for the modernised bride of 2012.