Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Winter Weddings Warmers

So many brides I work with say to me that they don’t want a winter wedding because it is not a beautiful as a summer wedding. Yes it may be warmer in summer – but it can also be too hot. Yes it is greener in summer – but that green is due to summer rains….. no season is perfect and both have their pros and cons. Here are a few reasons why winter weddings are “worth it”

SNOW WHITE weddings are generally reserved for weddings in Europe and America – You can hope for it now in June / July. While the snow cannot be guaranteed, for the last few years now we have had some on the Dranskenburg and the Huguenot mountains in the Cape. If a winter wedding is on the cards – you may be lucky to have a few “Snow photos”

Choose a venue with a fire place (preferably one with good ventilation at that). There is nothing more warming than a fire on the go while dinner and wine is enjoyed.  It can be used in so many ways to create not only that magical ambiance but a focal point for your wedding as well. 

Décor is not much effect in winter – while it is true that your deeper, warmer colours do serve well in wither there is nothing stopping you from using your preferred wedding colour. But one décor element that is a bonus is CANDLES. While candles can also and are also used in summer, there is something about it getting dark so much earlier that lends itself to the magical atmosphere of candle light. While the candle light only becomes evident after 7pm in summer, a while after dinner is served. In winter your candle light can be enjoyed from the moment your guests walk into the reception hall.

While in summer cocktails made to match the theme of the wedding is very trendy…… Winter brings a whole range of drinks which are not practical to serve in the heat of summer. Hot chocolate, Irish coffee,  warm apple cider (with cinnamon) or gluhwein are just a few examples.

The food you can serve in winter is richer and warmer too. With summer weddings, menu choices are chosen along the guideline to take into consideration the heat of summer hence salads and lighter meals are popular. In winter, however you can enjoy the richness of gourmet cooking – butternut soups, oxtail stews, quail pot-roasts, hot sticky toffee pudding ….. and and and……

When it comes the the fashion for the bride……FUR is HOT HOT HOT in the fashion world at the moment. So have your “ever dreamed off” wedding gown and finish it off with a fur wrap.

AND Gloves and Hats to accessories is perfect for winter AND serve a purpose.

Guest gifts can be warmed up too – from pashminas to gloves, even funky winter boots or uggs should your budget allow. Chocolate spoons to make hot chocolate with or jars with chocolate chip cookies can even work well – think warm, think comfort, think fun….

Now for the Honeymoons – you can whisk off from the middle of winter to a sunny tropical destination for some RR&R is the sun. You come back well rested WITH A TAN – while everyone back home is still stuck in the winter woes…..  something to smile about J