Tuesday, 31 July 2012

... with this Bling.... I thee Wed

As so eloquently put by Mathew Macconaughey in “How to loose a guy in 10 days” – "Ladies….. Frost yourselves"!! The thing with BLING is that it’s not “a crystal” theme. Crystal themes lend themselves to a winter wonderlands feel. The BLING thing is all about DIAMONDS…….

Now there’s not much explaining to do on how to BLING your wedding up – but the ideas are plentiful……

The bride and her accessories – you need not have a BLING’ed up dress. You can choose a more classic looking dress and BLING it up with accessories. A waist belt, some shiny shoes…… an accessory or two…..

The hair can also be done with a bit of BLING… add a clip, tiara, headband or birdcage

And as for the brides bouquet – well this is my favourite BLING option

REMEMBER – don’t BLING up everything. Choose one to two elements and BLING those up – personally I would BLING my shoes and my bouquet and down tone the rest. Maybe some nice chandelier earing but that’s it!! You don’t want to have to request everyone to wear sunglasses as you walk down the aisle.
As for the décor of the wedding – starting with your invitations, tasteful designs can bring BLING in quite nicely. But remember with BLING – it’s a plain design and let the BLING make the card. Over designing of the stationery can come out as a disaster.

The same applies for your décor - Chandeliers are a brilliant way to bring in BLING…..

As for your tables – be subtle with it. Once again choose one or two things to BLING up. BLING works very nicely with glass – so combine the elements to create an ambiance of sophistication.  The easiest way is to bring it in on the detail. Don’t worry too much about the centrepiece. Stick to glass or a silver candelabra and BLING it up with some of the ideas below…..

THE CAKE – well here there are so many way you can BLING it up. Cake toppers are very popular at the moment as well as BLING trimmings on the cake. But my favourite must be the whole cake encrusted with sugar crystals to make the whole cake look “frosted” - Finished off with a brooch detail and you have achieved the look.

The thing to remember with BLING is that it must be done correctly and with style. It is a sophisticated look but a look that can go wrong very quickly.



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