Wednesday, 15 August 2012

^^ReTrO^^ - 50's Inspiration

We all know the vintage trends that has been around for the last few years….. well I had coffee with a friend the other day and we got to talking about “RETRO”…. And it fascinated me – in fact it got me all inspired to write this blog.
The Retro Style actually encompasses several decades of styles – specifically the 1950’s through to the 70’s. But don’t mistake it for the earlier decades  which have inspired the vintage style  wedding so popular over the last few years - however these two style can (and very often do) frequently cross over.

The biggest difference between the vintage look and the retro look is that with retro you have a free spirited, fun atmosphere with much more colour. Vintage wedding styles have lots of lace, with ivory and white accented by your pastel colours. Pearls often make an appearance in vintage wedding too. With RETRO weddings bright colours and designs with flair are the statement features… Think back to the  60’s and you can just imagine the pinks, oranges, reds and bright blues and yellows.

But this style is not for all brides. Retro weddings are for bride who have bold personalities – there is nothing casual about a retro wedding …. Only the contrary it is loud, busy and most definitely funky.

Short dresses are the look for the bride in any retro wedding – add a fascinator in the hair and some cute coloured court shoes and you are DONE!!

As for the bridesmaids, 50’s inspired dresses are a must – and don’t shy away from colour here either!!

The men on the other hand can have fun with their accessories too – hats, suspenders and sun glasses work for them. And if the bride doesn’t mind they can even rock a beard!!

A classic wedding car is then also a must – not a 1920’s Bentley but a Mustang or a Chevy…. And once again colour is a must.

And if a car is not your thing ... then an old school bycicle will do as well

One thing that is synonyms with the retro look is that of the roadhouse. Think milkshakes, think popcorn machines and candy floss, think fun candy stations …. These elements can all be used at your pre-reception area to create a bit of fun for your guests while you have your photo sessions. And here a photo both is the perfect activity!!!

When it comes to your stationery, d├ęcor and cakes have FUN. Be BOLD and do something different.
One of the easiest ways to go retro is to choose retro colours. Fortunately, that's not hard to do. Avocado green is the colour of choice followed then by combinations of black, white and red. BUT don’t forget your purples and hot pinks. Don't be afraid to have a little of everything – mix up your bright orange, green, indigo blue, and yellow!!!

Retro style decorating is about combining a variety of shapes, textures and colours to create a look that's as unique as the era that influenced it.  That white and black checkered floor is perfect for a retro wedding – combine it with some lime green and orange and you have it pegged. The important thing to remember when decorating in the retro style is to get rid of any inhibitions you have about mixing colours and shapes.

Most importantly, if you love the Retro look, be ready to go all the way.