Thursday, 6 September 2012

Showered with Love **

Parasols have been around for thousands of years. In the Victorian period, most women had a different parasol to match every dress in their wardrobe. The parasol was not only thought of as practical, but also a fashion accessory that helped aid in the subtle art of flirtation. More commonly know  are the oriental parasols made from paper or Chinese silk.

The use of parasols for weddings has been around for a few years now, whether it be gifts for your guests or props for your photos. The trends has grown so that you can now get parasols in all sorts of amazing colours to match your wedding or even personalised for your wedding

But who ever said that the use of umbrellas should stop at parasols as wedding gifts or photo props. While watching the latest season of “how I met your mother” I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the season with all the yellow umbrellas in the streets of New York which lead to look the “UMBRELLA” thing a little more closely….. and I realised how umbrellas as a whole can be used to create some really interesting wedding décor features.

If your wedding is a beach type wedding or an outdoor affair, one can easily bring the theming in quite stylishly. But it need not be a sunny wedding to bring in the umbrellas – if you are to marry in a rainy city or a rainy season and you are guaranteed rain on your wedding day. Instead of hoping and praying that it doesn’t rain – embrace the rain and make it part of the wedding.

Your arrival / pre-reception drinks can also have a touch of an umbrella here and there. If you are having the drinks outside in the heat of the summer afternoon, a Caribbean umbrella here and there to provide your guests with some shade is not a bad idea….. and done correctly it can create an amazing atmosphere

As for the drinks – it need not be a Caribbean themed wedding to perk up your drink with umbrellas. Don’t use the typical pineapple cocktail type umbrella. Look for something different like little black umbrellas or make your own doily umbrellas to compliment your theme should it be appropriate.


Umbrellas can be used to create a feature in a room or area – you can use it as an actual part of the décor. My favourite is that of the umbrellas which hang from the roof. One of my favourite Thai restaurants have this as a feature in their dining room and I can’t help but stare at it a little every time I visit the place. Use different colours, or different styles – hand them at the same height or arrange them in an eclectic manner – it creates a feature like no other…..

Used with lighting and umbrellas can make the most beautiful features in the evening.

Umbrellas as part of the table décor is another idea that if done well can be amazing. Remember, it not just about sticking an umbrella into the arrangement but actually incorporating it and designing the entire table around it. Your décor stylist will be able to give you some good ideas here.

Don't be afraid to incorporate some theming in your stationery.

 And remember – you are not restricted to Chinese parasols. There are all sorts of different umbrellas which can complement your respective wedding and the décor. You can choose from lace umbrellas, Victorian umbrellas, dotty and spotty umbrellas, oriental umbrellas, frilly umbrellas, see-through umbrellas and much much more…….